Recipe: Spiced Pear Cobbler


Peach cobbler just sounds like the¬†ultimate, most delicious, stereotypical¬†American dessert. I always remember hearing it mentioned on American TV shows and promised myself that one day I would make sure that I tried some of this cobbler for myself. Well now I’m older and I know how to bake, so I decided to make it myself rather than travel across the pond in search of a restaurant that makes this beautiful dessert. Continue reading


A Very Merry (belated) Christmas Cake

This is the first of two cakes that I made this week.

It was made for a very close friend of mine. We have a tradition of exchanging Christmas presents in January (you have to try it!) and this was part of her gift, along with a few other goodies.

It’s a Rich Fruit Cake decorated with snowflakes. I made the snowflakes and the writing gold just to add another dimension to an otherwise all white cake.

Christmas Cake Pops

Hello all!! I thought it would be a good idea for my first post to be a recipe that everyone could try, plus I’ve been dying to try these cake pops out for the LONGEST time.

For those not in the know (and where have u been?!) cake pops are little balls of cake & frosting dipped in a chocolate candy coating yum yum yum. They were made famous by a lady called Bakerella.

The recipe and method I’ve used below has been adapted from Bakerella’s website. Unlike Bakerella, I decided to make my cake and buttercream frosting from scratch (yay, go me) and I also use a lot less cake/frosting than she recommends. I made choc Continue reading