(Almost) Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

butternut squash whoopie pie recipe

Hello there bakers!

This recipe came about because of a desire to bake with vegetables.  Everybody knows baked goods made with vegetables are 100% healthy and nutritious, right?  The “almost” pumpkin title comes from the fact that these whoopie pies are made with the pumpkin’s younger, more beautiful, more delicious sister – the butternut squash.  Us Brits can sometimes play it safe and only tend to bake with carrots, but never other vegetables like our daring friends in the States.  I want to convince you all, and myself, that delicious sweet treats can be made from vegetables such as beetroot, courgettes (zucchini to those on the other side of the pond) and pumpkin to name a few.  So in continuing with the American theme of baking with veggies – what is more American than whoopie pies???  Well…lots of things, but just go with me on this! Continue reading